2014 Summer Program

Summer Program Launch Exceeds Expectations

The Meros Academy learning model has been developing over the past several years and had its beta launch in July 2014 with a two-week summer program to prototype its education model. Nineteen students tackled four projects allowing them to utilize critical thinking skills, collaboration, and creativity while learning advanced mathematics, science, engineering, language arts, and graphic arts.

Students designed and built their own skate board ramps; built and programmed LEGO robots to carry out missions; chose an innovator they admired to paint into a giant mural; and scripted, planned, filmed, and edited original videos documenting their two weeks.


Parent Responses

Here are some of the responses we received from parents:

  • “It taught her to trust herself and when she puts her mind to something she can do it.”
  • “For our daughter, the hands-on learning experience she received was by far the best aspect of this camp. She often struggles with learning in a traditional setting, so this was a refreshing change of pace.”
  • “This camp offered a great opportunity to lean things not traditionally taught in a fun and very hands-on environment. As a parent, I found it to be refreshingly educational.”
  • “An opportunity to lean in a different way, all while having fun. It’s hard to find summer activities to excite middle school kids and this camp delivered in a big way.”
  • “Introduced him to new activities. He loved editing and is making movies at home now.”
  • “I absolutely love the concept of Meros and I desperately want to see it succeed.”
  • “I was very impressed with this summer camp, the coaches were excellent and the children really seemed to enjoy themselves.”
  • “I loved this camp for my son. I think he was very lucky to be able to attend the maiden session, and I really hope to see Meros grow in size, age groups, activities. The possibilities are truly limitless and I look forward to the future development of this great program.”
  • “My son received great support from the learning coaches and all four activities challenged him in very different ways.”
  • “There are not enough educational programs like Meros available in northeast Florida.”

To be certain our students are ready to face the challenges and opportunities of tomorrow, we need to enable them to think critically, analyze data and work collaboratively and creatively.

By connecting a student’s individual passions with what is being taught, MEROS Academy aims to prepare students for the future by allowing them to take an active role in shaping it.

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