Cultivating Creativity & Curiosity

In an effort to give students every possible opportunity after graduation, MEROS Academy is committed to helping students develop specific vocational skills.

To prepare for today’s knowledge-driven economy, a student’s curiosity and creativity needs to be embedded in the skills that help them enhance their employ-ability and create and grow new ventures[1].  MEROS Academy students are given training in marketing, graphic design, video editing, and print media.

Enhancing Entrepreneurial Skills

Our model prepares students for careers in a globally competitive environment where: creativity and problem solving is more important than rote memorization; where working collaboratively is as necessary as understanding the principles of science, mathematics, and engineering; and where artistic expression is as valued as verbal and written communication.

[1] Leadbetter, C. (2001) Learning and Work—Authorship. In Wilson, D. et al. (eds.) The Future of Learning for Work.  London: CIPD