A Culture of Learning

The atmosphere at MEROS Academy is specifically geared to assist adolescents in their academic and personal development as well as overcome the limits of traditional schools.  Rigid and bureaucratic systems cannot teach all students effectively, primarily because they do not focus on the individual student.  In teenage years, students need close affiliation but experience large, depersonalized schools; they need to develop autonomy but experience few opportunities for choice and punitive approaches to discipline. 

Students need to expand their cognitive challenges and opportunities for demonstrating their competence but experience work focused mainly on memorizing facts.  They need to build self-confidence and a healthy identity but experience tracking that explicitly labels many of them as academically deficient.[1]

Individuality is part of MEROS Academy’s culture. The best education incorporates each child’s ethnic and cultural heritage in an atmosphere of tolerance while utilizing our shared differences in a way that demonstrates unity through diversity. Our staff works with students in junior high and high school to foster understanding and appreciation of the differing cultures, backgrounds, learning processes, and modes of thought.

[1] Carnegie Council on Adolescent Development, 1989.  Turning Points:  Preparing youth for the 21st century.  New York:  Carnegie Corporation of New York.