Our commitment to personalized instruction is a commitment to our students

MEROS Academy is deliberate about building relationships with students in order to maximize the learning potential by discovering what motivates each student and to find learning paths that appeal to them as individuals. Learning Coaches are committed to help their students develop personal learning plans, assist in diagnosing their cognitive strengths and weaknesses and other style characteristics, help adapt the learning environment and instruction to learner needs and interests, and mentor authentic and reflective learning experiences for their students.

Our foundation for student growth

The Learning Coaches become involved with each specific student in order to maximize the learning potential and help develop higher-order thinking skills.

MEROS Academy adheres to the National Educational Technology Plan developed by the US Department of Education, where personalized learning is defined as adjusting the pace (individualization), adjusting the approach (differentiation), and connecting to the learner’s interests and experiences. Personalization is broader than just individualization or differentiation in that it affords the learner a degree of choice about what is learned, when it is learned, and how it is learned.