Physical Activity & Education

While a number of schools include physical education in some elements of their curriculum, MEROS Academy incorporates it into its culture.  Students and faculty are encouraged to take advantage of the school’s concrete surfaces and skate plaza design. 

Before and after classes, students can be found skating, biking, and rollerblading through the facility while their peers take photographs and videos to use in school projects. We encourage our students to learn together sharing ideas as they share the opportunity to enjoy our campus.

This physical activity is more than a simple distraction. There is a positive connection between physical fitness and on-task behavior.  On-task behavior is an important factor in learning.  Other studies show that daily physical activity reduces disruptive behavior in students and lowers their stress levels.[1]

MEROSs Academy implements nutritional guidelines to compliment our philosophy that healthy bodies house healthy minds.


[1] Swingle, loc. cit.