About Us

Not Just Another Private School With a Few Wrinkles

MEROS Academy is a complete redesign of how learning takes place. Every aspect of the education process has been reached in order to create a model that will generate tomorrow’s innovators today.

MEROS Academy is a sixth-to-twelfth grade private school that transforms education by personalizing instruction to amplify student learning and maximize individual potential.

While there are some schools that incorporate certain pioneering features of our learning model, none have blended all of the most impactful elements into one revolutionary education system. This system is designed to graduate creative innovators and problem solvers with real-world skills ready to impact their communities.

Eight Elements

Find out more about our learning model that’s going to change education.

Our Team

MEROS Academy is led by a top-flight team. Their commitment to innovation in education is unparalleled.

Our Partners

Please take a look at the companies that have sponsored our goal to innovate education in Jacksonville.