Our Team

  • Al Emerick
    Al EmerickBoard Member

    Al Emerick, EMBA is owner of Al Emerick Productions, a strategic communications company based in Jacksonville. Al brings more than two decades of marketing, leadership and entrepreneurship experience to the board is passionate about communicating Meros Academy’s vision to change the paradigm of education.

  • Carl Smith
    Carl SmithBoard Member

    Carl Smith is founder and owner of nGen Works, a digital design and development firm, and currently travels the country speaking and advising companies on how to create self-sustaining teams which perform at the highest levels.

  • Clayton Smith
    Clayton SmithBoard Member

    Clayton Smith, MBA is the Head of Utility Services and a Construction Manager for Mayo Clinic and is helping to guide Meros Academy’s campus design promoting health and sustainability.

  • Diane DeVore
    Diane DeVoreBoard Member

    Diane DeVore was the Vice President of Investment Services with Regency Centers Corporation and is the current Business Operations Manager for Southeast Veterinary Oncology & Internal Medicine. Diane brings her vast knowledge of financial forecasting to assist Meros Academy’s development.

  • Jackie Simmons
    Jackie SimmonsBoard Member

    Jackie Simmons, a seasoned and highly regarded educator and administrator, has worked within numerous diverse student populations and is currently the principal at Highlands Middle School while completing his second year of Doctoral Studies.

  • James Smith
    James SmithExecutive Director

    James Smith is the Founder and Executive Director who has spent his career in the field of education and is committed to helping kids make the connection between what they love and what they learn so that the result will be a love of learning.

  • Mark Chrisman
    Mark ChrismanBoard Member

    Mark Chrisman is a Mortgage Banker in San Diego with a passion to promote academic excellence for students by building partnerships with local businesses and community organizations.

  • Marsha Myers
    Marsha MyersBoard Member

    Marsha Myers is a Senior Executive with a wealth of experience running corporate and non-profit organizations and is using her knowledge to establish the best governance practices for Meros Academy.