Imagine a learning model so powerful it will revolutionize the way we teach our kids.

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Meros Academy integrates eight essential elements to create a learning environment that coaches students to manage their education and maximize potential.


We believe we’re stronger when we work together; students, learning coaches and parents, school and community.


We strive to understand and fulfill the unique needs of each student, each learning coach, and each parent.


We always consider the whole picture, the whole person, and how each part integrates with the whole.


We emphasize healthy living in everything we do from nutrition and physical fitness to sustainable campus design.


We always act responsibly in our relationships with students, parents, staff, donors, our community, and the environment.

MEROS Academy is a being developed to be a sixth-to-twelfth grade private school that transforms education. By personalizing instruction to maximize individual potential, MEROS Academy will impact each student’s ability to learn and thrive in a globally connected world.


Our learning model makes connections between what students are passionate about and what they are learning. It teaches and empowers them how to apply that passion and knowledge to solving real-world problems that have value outside the classroom walls.

The goal of MEROS Academy is to deliver an amazing educational model that inspires every student to learn creatively, think independently, and act responsibly.

To change the paradigm of education.


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